A truly personalized experience!

My Magic Songs celebrates children’s identity on novel digital media
Create playable characters using photos of your children!
Listen to thousands of personalized children songs

Your child is the hero!

Easy as 123!
1. Type your child's name
2. Enter a birthdate
3. Choose a picture!

Tap, swipe and tilt!

Songs go with cute mini games
Let your child tap, swipe and tilt
Guaranteed to put a smile on everyone's face

Supported names and languages

More than 15,000 names available!
Aaron, Ali, Anders, Dimitri, Francesco, James, Jayalakshmi, Kenji, Maria, Nerea, Sven, Yuki, Zionna and many many more!
17 music albums!

Awards and Accolades

“New and Noteworthy”
“What’s Hot”
Top 10/Top 100 Education app in the App Store
App Circus Lisbon Winner
Mobile Premier Awards Nominee 2012
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